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We are proud to carry a full range of specialty meat products including venison, rabbit, quail, guinea fowl, veal  and, of course, chicken. 

Our venison is available from October until Christmas and comes from the farm of John Lyne of Burnham Wood, just outside Dingle town.

Our homemade lamb and rosemary sausages are national award winners, while our other in-store produce such as spicy chinese-style pork ribs, beef and lamb burgers, lamb koftas, chicken kievs, tortillas, kebabs, stir fry beef, lamb, beef and pork mince and stir-fry beef are all extremely popular.

We are also very happy to reflect the seasonality of our produce. In summer we carry a wide variety of barbeque packs and in the approach to Christmas you will find duck, goose, turkey and our own spiced beef.

Our chicken is 100% Irish, sourced from Carton Brothers, one of the oldest family companies in Ireland, dating back to 1775.